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‘Women of color are left out’: California corporations lack diversity, study finds

By Kim Bojórquez

Latinas are underrepresented on California corporate boards of directors despite recent efforts to compel businesses to bring more women into leadership positions, according to a new analysis conducted by a Latino advocacy group.

The study found Latinas make up 3.3% of board member seats in a state where Latinos account for 39% of the state population.

The analysis of 662 California headquartered, public companies, conducted by the Latino Corporate Directors Association, identified that 35%, or 233 companies, of boards are all-white boards, with no ethnic of racial diversity.

Of the 511 public board seats filled by women as of March 1, white women account for 77.9% of seats, followed by Asian women, 11.5%, and African American women, 5.3%. Of the 662 companies, 65% companies have at least one ethnic or racially diverse board member, according to the review.

“We see a lot of white women being appointed to boards, whereas women of color are left out,” said Kathy Jurado Munoz, advocacy and demand vice president for the Latino Corporate Directors Association.

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