Guide for Women on Becoming a Board Director

Where do I start?

Interested in board service, but not sure where to start? Check in to see where you are on the journey to joining a corporate board and what resources are right for you. Learn more about why your service matters and what board service requires, and connect with organizations that can help you market yourself and find a board that is the right fit for your skills.  


As a prospective board member, you should keep in mind a handful of considerations as you move through the decision-making process to enhance your chances of securing a board position.


Read up on the importance of gender diversity on boards and how companies measure up.


Explore the range of organizations that offer opportunities to network with fellow candidates, current board members, and recruiters.

Training & Education

Learn more about board service and how to market yourself as a candidate.


You’ve networked, researched and reflected. Now it’s time to consider your decision on what companies or nonprofits you feel aligned and comfortable with the other team members.


Target specific recruiters, board lists, and director openings.


Expand your knowledge through board education. Find organizations that offer trainings for individual directors or full board participation on a range of governance issues.

Promote gender equity, and ensure our state’s media and technology industries are a force for good in child development.


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