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Board Diversity Playbook



The Board Diversity Playbook is a joint initiative between CPP and the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab to provide organizations with actionable steps to harness the power of diversity on their corporate boards.

Playbook Overview

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The Playbook consists of four critical steps, each full of information for you to use at your discretion throughout the process of assessing, growing, diversifying, and sustaining your corporate board. Each page includes practical tools and tactical suggestions from those who have leveraged these strategies in their organizations, and insights linking you to further resources and readings to support and expand awareness to set your board up for success. 

Who should use our Board Diversity Playbook?

This playbook is for CEOs, board members, or board nominating committees recruiting new directors to their board, especially boards that do not have the resources to hire experts to run the search process as well as organizations and educators who work with boards on governance, effectiveness and oversight.

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