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Our work is driven by data and the lived experiences behind the numbers. We track laws, release tools, and share resources and reports to make a better California.

Tech Tips

Child Well-Being

10 Tech Tips For Your Family

The Tech Tips resource provides concrete best practices for parents and families to establish healthy and balanced relationships with technology.


Equal Pay

California Equal Pay Playbook

Use the California Equal Pay Playbook to attract and retain top talent, boost innovation and productivity, and enhance your brand reputation. This playbook is designed to equip you with actionable strategies for achieving and sustaining gender pay equity that can help your organization succeed and thrive.


California Partners Project

2023 Impact Report

In 2023, the California Partners Project listened to youth, parents, and other child well-being experts about how technology is impacting their lives. We also brought together private and public sector leaders to focus on supporting women, providing tools to build transformative boards, champion equal pay strategies, and center women in the economy.

“We work with advocates, academics, foundations, companies and dedicated individuals who are committed to creating a better California for all. We are grateful to be able to share our insights, knowledge and expertise to improve the lives of all Californians.”

California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Co-founder, California Partners Project


Join us as we take action on critical issues that are timely, relevant, and make a difference in the lives of all Californians.


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