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A Progress Report on Women’s Representation on California Corporate Boards

Women are claiming their seats on California public company boards – setting up the world’s 5th largest economy for continued innovation and growth.

California became the first state to legally compel public companies to add women directors in 2018, with the passage of SB826. By December 31, 2021, boards with six or more directors must have at least three female directors, boards of five must have at least two, and boards with four or fewer members must have one.

The California Partners Project has produced the first comprehensive analysis tracking the shift in gender representation on California boards since the law changed. With companies needing to fill over 665 seats by the end of next year – it’s time to claim your seat!


“As a former investor advocate and now board member, I am seeing firsthand how critical greater gender representation is to companies’ success. Investors have long made a business case for encouraging all forms of diversity, and it is encouraging that many more California companies will begin to see those benefits because of SB826.”


Anne Sheehan, Director of Corporate Governance at CalSTRS (Retired)

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