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Incusive Boards Playbooks


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The Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab and the California Partners Project have joined forces to help corporate boards maximize their effectiveness by recruiting and retaining top women directors. This partnership has produced two playbooks to build diverse and inclusive boards.

The Board Culture Playbook


Our new playbook – the Board Culture Playbook – focuses on creating an inclusive board culture to harness the power of unique perspectives and retain a slate of directors with diverse perspectives and experiences. Each page provides organizations with actionable steps and downloadable tools and checklists to assess corporate board culture and create a high-performance culture that drives value and strategic clarity.

The Board Diversity Playbook

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Our first playbook - the Board Diversity Playbook focuses on recruiting practices to increase gender diversity in boardrooms. Each page includes practical tools and tactical suggestions from those who have leveraged these strategies in their organizations, and insights linking you to further resources and readings to support and expand awareness to set your board up for success. 

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