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Tom Willis


Tom Willis is a partner at Olson Remcho specializing in redistricting and campaign finance law. He has advised many ballot measure committees, including the Governor’s committees for Propositions 1 and 2 and Airbnb’s committee opposing San Francisco’s Measure F, and the San Francisco Giants’ committees in support of Measure D (Mission Rock).


Mr. Willis has litigated a number of important election law, redistricting and campaign finance cases, including successfully defending the California Legislature’s 2011 redistricting plan. Most recently, he successfully defended in the trial and appellate court the City of Los Angeles’ redistricting plan.


Mr. Willis is an expert on the California Voting Rights Act and advises a number of municipalities on compliance under the Act’s requirements.


Mr. Willis also advises state and local agencies on redistricting, election law, conflicts of interest, and initiatives and referenda. Mr. Willis also represents clients before the Federal Elections Commission, the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and the San Francisco Ethics Commission. He advises candidates, state and local agencies, campaign committees, initiative and referendum committees, corporations and nonprofits about these laws and the electoral process, including election procedures.

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