Insights from CPP Listening Tour

Tools for parents to help children maintain healthy digital practices 

This year the California Partners Project and California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom are engaged in a listening tour with California caregivers. We are focused on how parents are navigating the integration of technology and devices into most aspects of their children’s lives. Hearing the struggles and successes shared across communities allows us to develop and share forward responsive recommendations. These evolving toolkits and best practices are meant to meet parents where they are.


Importance of Family Agreements

Tips to reach agreement on games and devices


Importance of family agreements

Tips to reach agreement on games and devices

Digital device role model

Tips to be a digital device role model

Framing conversations about tech use to avoid conflict

Tips to frame conversations about tech use

Increasing physical activity

Tips to increase physical activity

Managing parental guilt

Tips to manage parental guilt and let go of shame

Finding balance with gaming

Tips from child psychiatrist Dr. Michael Tsappis of the Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders and the Digital Wellness Lab

Addressing social comparison concerns

Tips to address social comparison concerns

Top tips from caregivers

Tips to support healthier tech habits

When news causes anxiety

Tips if your child is feeling anxious about the news

Coping with change

Tips to support families with reopening anxiety

Solutions for Insomnia

Tips to combat insomnia from Dr. Michael Rich, Founder of the Digital Wellness Lab and Pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital

Managing your child's devices

Tips to manage your child’s devices

How to talk with your child about online porn

Tips from Shafia Zaloom, health educator
and author of Sex, Teens & Everything in Between

Minimizing multitasking

Tips to minimize multitasking

Strengthening social skills

Tips to strengthen social skills