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Resources for Companies Seeking Women Board Candidates

Where do I start?

"To build a better board, you will need to be creative when it comes to leverage your network. Reach beyond your comfort zone to see where (and with whom) your board can grow."

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CPP/Stanford Board Diversity Playbook

This Resource Hub can help you expand your network using curated lists of qualified candidates, director affinity groups that offer opportunities to network with prospective board members, and talent search firms that specialize in board searches.


Before you get started, use an updated board matrix to create a robust, forward-looking description of the expertise and demographic characteristics needed in new members to build a strong, diverse board.


After you have identified candidates, make your interviews as effective as possible with an equitable interview process

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Curated Candidate Lists

The following organizations offer curated candidate lists to companies recruiting new board directors. 

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Director Affinity Groups

Organizations that offer opportunities to network with prospective board members.

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Tech Tools for Sourcing Candidates

Use databases to source new candidates and identify their second and third-degree connections with existing board members. 

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Talent Search Firms

Talent search firms can help you identify director candidates and hone in on top prospects.

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Onboard intentionally by sharing insights and fostering relationships so that your new board member(s) can become impactful and engaged thought partners.

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