Resources for Companies Seeking Women Board Candidates

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Not sure where to find top women candidates for your board? Check in to see where you are on the journey to building a modern, diverse board. Learn more about the benefits of gender diversity on boards, and the board composition laws and guidelines that may apply to your company. Find the organizations that can connect you to diverse talent across the country and globe, and help you attract and retain top talent.  



Learn about the ways board diversity drives corporate success and expand your network by connecting with organizations that can help you find highly qualified women candidates.

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Read up on the importance of gender diversity on boards, board composition laws and guidelines, and how companies measure up.

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Explore the range of organizations that offer opportunities to network with prospective board members.

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Training & Education

Find solutions for successfully attracting and retaining a broad range of talented women directors.



Connect with the search and board placement firms that can help you attract talented women directors, and find resources for creating an inclusive board culture.

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Fill an open seat on your board with a woman candidate who is ready to serve.

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Find organizations that offer resources for onboarding new members and creating an inclusive, productive board culture.


Women Directors Needed


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WOC Report


California companies that have opportunities for women directors.

10x Genomics, Inc.


180 Life Sciences Corp.

Palo Alto

89bio, Inc.

San Francisco

A10 Networks, Inc.

San Jose

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.

San Diego

AEye, Inc.



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