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Claim Your Seat: Women of Color on California’s Public Company Boards

Women on corporate boards have been shown to drive business growth, and to promote environmental and social responsibility and strong governance practices. While the overall number of women on California public company boards has doubled since 2018, companies are still largely missing out on the talent, skills and perspectives of women of color. 

The second in the California Partners Project’s women-on-boards series, this new report is produced in partnership with the Latino Corporate Directors Association and Equilar. It provides fresh data, insights on modern board governance, and profiles of some of the many women who are leading, serving, and breaking new ground in their fields.

CPP WOC Report 2021

“At HP, we have seen firsthand that boardroom diversity helps drive company performance. And building a diverse board is just a start. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be top priorities at all levels of all companies. As an industry, if we are able to finally shatter the barriers that have prevented true equality and fairness, we won’t simply be doing what is right — we’ll be strengthening and creating more innovation for the future.”


Enrique Lores, President and CEO of HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ)

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