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Olivia Morgan (She/Her)

Co-founder and Board Chair


Olivia Morgan has created, developed and led a series of innovative programs to center currently marginalized voices in US public policy and society. In 2016, Olivia established Common Sense Media’s Gender Equity is Common Sense initiative. This effort studied the impact of media on children’s understanding of gender at every age, and produced a related media evaluation rubric for content creators, parents, and Common Sense’s own media reviewers.


Previously, she worked with Maria Shriver for seven years as Senior Advisor to A Woman’s Nation, and Managing Editor of The Shriver Report, a series of book-length examinations bringing academic and on-the-ground expertise to exploring cultural transformation across multiple platforms and partnerships.


Olivia is honored to have served on the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and guided its creation of the National Student Poets Program, under Michelle Obama’s leadership. She currently serves on the boards of the San Francisco Day School and the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, David, and two children.

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