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Youth Reflections Illustrate the Promise and Pitfalls of Social Media Use for Adolescent Girls

Social media profoundly impacts youth today, shaping their behavior, attitudes, and perceptions in various ways. Data shows that the vast majority of teens use the internet daily, with many online almost constantly. 


The California Partners Project examined the existing research landscape and actively engaged teenage girls from across California to explore their complex relationship with social media. Research and reflections show that popular platforms offer avenues for connectivity, communication, and self-expression. At the same time, young people experience overconsumption, social comparison, cyberbullying, and other potentially harmful effects when using social media. 


This report aims to elevate adolescent girls’ experiences and uplift their voices while calling on policymakers and tech leaders to enact change that supports child well-being in digital environments. 

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“Our kids are growing up in a world surrounded by technology 24/7, and they are suffering. This report provides recommendations to ensure social media is only a force for good and endeavors to support the chorus of young people and families calling for change in the tech industry.”


Jennifer Siebel Newsom, First Partner of California and Co-Founder, California Partners Project 

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